Hemorrhoid Cream for Eye Bags – Will it Work?

If you have eye bags, you had perhaps heard regarding this old treatment that was recommended by your mother or grandmother. Travel to the nearby drugstore and get a tube of Preparation H. This hemorrhoid cream will allegedly eliminate swollen eyes quickly. Before using this hemorrhoid cream for eye bags though, you might want to know more facts about its usage for the eye condition first.

History of the Use of Hemorrhoid Creams for Eye Bags

Nobody identifies who set off this stupid gossip that hemorrhoid cream can remedy eye bags, but it is cited in model Diane Iron’s admired book The World’s Best Kept Beauty Secrets. Iron asserts that lots of middle-aged celebrities utilize Preparation H to preserve their young-looking appearance. Supermodels allegedly swear by it, stating that this hemorrhoid cream provides them an instantaneous lift once they are troubled with eye bags.Hemorrhoid Cream for Eye Bags


Evidently, the individuals utilizing Preparation H consider that if it can shrivel hemorrhoids, it will also act for swelling eye bags. Supporters assert this is owing to the two components: shark oil and live yeast cell offshoot described as Bio-Dyne Skin Respiratory Factor. However, the United States Food and Drug Administration did not accept the story and directed the producer Whitehall-Robbins Inc. to reformulate the product.

Presently, the US varieties of Preparation H no longer contain these components, but you will still discover them in the Canadian and European varieties. As a substitute, the American variety contains phenylephrine HCI 0.25%, a vasoconstrictor that several dermatologists alleged will tighten capillaries and momentarily lessen dark circles and swollen eyes.


Dr. Debra Jaliman, a clinical instructor in dermatology at New York’s Mount Sinai Scholl of Medicine alleged phenylephrine constricts facial skin by momentarily tightening the blood vessels and shriveling under-eye tissue, in similar manner it tightens and shrivels rectal blood vessels and tissue. On the other hand, a Whitahall representative alleged that Preparation H is not intended for the eyes and must not be put on there, because the skin in the region of the eyes is skinnier, more vulnerable and susceptible to unfavorable responses that can happen from the components established in Preparation H. There had been accounts of inflammation, burning, and prickling amongst others.

Disadvantages of Hemorrhoid Cream for Eye Bags

Preparation H is not recommended for swollen eyes because it can cause burning sensation around the skin of your eyes, since the skin in this region is extremely thin and vulnerable, not like the further part where Preparation H is utilized. As a substitute to noticing miracles, what you will notice is progressing redness and the bags underneath your eyes become larger instead of being smaller.

Bottom Line

If you are distressed by eye bags, dark circles, puffy eyes or fine lines and wrinkles, do not depend on unconfirmed report or your next door neighbor for recommendation. One product worth searching for is Eyevive, the secure and natural means to overturn the indications of aging. Eyevive moisturizes and reinforces the skin in the region of your eyes to help lessen eye bags, wrinkles and further skin predicaments.